Saturday, October 29, 2011

Robin Van Persie Hat Trick, Arsenal Hit Chelsea At Stamford Bridge

Robin Van Persie become hero in the derby London between Chelsea vs Arsenal due to his hat trick goals. The final score was 3 - 5, winning by Arsenal. Since the beginning of the game, Chelsea and Arsenal attacked each other. Chelsea winning first on minute 13 after Frank Lampard scored a goal. At minute 37 Arsenal was able to equate the score through Robin Van Persie. The Blues ensure the winning was belong to them until the first half ended by John Terry Goal in injury time.

Minute 10 in the second half the goal was scored by Andre Santos and Theo Walcott and the score was 3-2. Chelsea continued to build the attack and at minute 80 Juan Mata equate the score 3-3. In the last 5 minutes, Van Persie success brought Arsenal won the game after at minute 85 and 90 he scored goals, brought The Gunners won the game, 3- 5.

Everton 0 – Manchester United 1

Finally Manchester United win the game in the advance of Premiere League hold in Goodison Park. The only one goal is created by Hernandes Chicarito. Acting as host team Everton try to build the attack since the early minutes. However Manchester United had better chance to create goal and it was done well by Hernandez Chicarito.

But it was not mean that Everton played without any effort. The free kick done by almost equate the score. Unfortunately the ball was still hit the crossbar. The score was 0-1 until the long whistle was blown by the referee. The number one people in Manchester United, Sir Alex Fergusson seems made different line up on the squad. Anderson and Ashley young were not played on the game.

In the second half of the game, Manchester United seems lost their play rhythm. Inaccurate passing and individual action which easily can be handled by back players of Everton. The different way was done by Everton. It never stop the attack until the end of the game. Unfortunately the victory is still belong to Manchester United.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chelsea Against Arsenal In Stamford Bridges Without Didier Drogba

The derby London between Chelsea and Arsenal is going to be held on Stamford Bridge in the end of this week. Acting as the host team Chelsea will not supported by Didier Drogba due to the red card he received at the match held on 23 October 2011. Chelsea failed to bring 3 point from Queens park ranger's stadium. Not only get 0 point, 2 players Chelsea, Didier Drogba and Jose Bosingwa.

Instead of Didier Drogba, Andrea villas-boas still has Fernando Torres who has returned from the punishment. Victory is become the mission of Chelsea and Arsenal of course. Especially Chelsea which has to lose 2 players in the last match and also lose three points.

The same mission will be brought by Arsene Wenger team. Arsenal has winning 6 from 7 games held. Morality those winning will be asset for the gunner to continue to improve their images in front of premiere league contestant due to the hard start the have passed. More than that winning, the next game, The Gunner will be supported by Thomas Vermaelen in back line.

Last session Chelsea success get three point in Stamford Bridges with two goals. Will The Blues do the same way ??

Refuse To Play, Tevez Fined 4 Weeks Salary

Big match between Manchester City against Bayern Munchen on September 27, 2011 leaves problem for Manchester City and Carlos Tevez, who played as reserve player. As what has been talked many medias in the world that Tevez refuse to play against Bayern Munchen. Because of what Tevez did , he punished with some punishments. Such as 2 weeks suspended and he also fined 4 seeks salary. Even, Manchester City coach, Roberto Manchini said would not ask Tevez to play anymore at the time.

Meanwhile, related to the problem, the ex. Manchester United's striker claimed that it was miscommunication between he and Roberto Manchini. Tevez said he just refused to do warming up and didn't refused to play meanwhile Manchini said that refuse to do warming up means refuse to play. Lately reported by BBC, Carloz Tevez plans to sue City's coach over charges that Manchini gave to him.

Meanwhile Coling Gibson who is dispute resolution partner at law firm field fisher mentioned that Carloz Tevez will lose if he still bring Allians incident to the court.

Sport Papers: Manchester United Woke Up In Carling Cup

Sport Papers: Manchester United Woke Up In Carling Cup: Manchester United woke up in Carling Cup after destroying Aldershot Town (3-0). The three goals created by Dimitar Berbatov, Michael Owen...

Manchester United Woke Up In Carling Cup

Manchester United woke up in Carling Cup after destroying Aldershot Town (3-0). The three goals created by Dimitar Berbatov, Michael Owen and Valencia advanced Manchester United to quarter-final of Carling Cup. In that match, Manchester United's coach, Sir Alex Fergusson entrusted his team with different players were played on the last derby matched against Manchester City on the advanced of Premiere League. He dropped the second line of Manchester United players.

This victory can be entertainment for MU after the bad result was gotten against Manchester City. As host team, MU just created one goal meanwhile Manchester City created 6 goals. That bad performance should be the expensive experience for Manchester United. That's why Sir Alex Fergusson cautioned to his foster children not not to underestimate their opponent.

On the paper Manchester United is better team than Aldhershot Town. But that was not the guarantee to get the victory. But with the tenacity of the players in attacks, the victory was gotten by Manchester United and advanced to quarter-final of Carling Cup. So, will Manchester United wake in the Premier League against Everton team on October 29, 2011 ?