Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Manchester United Woke Up In Carling Cup

Manchester United woke up in Carling Cup after destroying Aldershot Town (3-0). The three goals created by Dimitar Berbatov, Michael Owen and Valencia advanced Manchester United to quarter-final of Carling Cup. In that match, Manchester United's coach, Sir Alex Fergusson entrusted his team with different players were played on the last derby matched against Manchester City on the advanced of Premiere League. He dropped the second line of Manchester United players.

This victory can be entertainment for MU after the bad result was gotten against Manchester City. As host team, MU just created one goal meanwhile Manchester City created 6 goals. That bad performance should be the expensive experience for Manchester United. That's why Sir Alex Fergusson cautioned to his foster children not not to underestimate their opponent.

On the paper Manchester United is better team than Aldhershot Town. But that was not the guarantee to get the victory. But with the tenacity of the players in attacks, the victory was gotten by Manchester United and advanced to quarter-final of Carling Cup. So, will Manchester United wake in the Premier League against Everton team on October 29, 2011 ?

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