Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chelsea Against Arsenal In Stamford Bridges Without Didier Drogba

The derby London between Chelsea and Arsenal is going to be held on Stamford Bridge in the end of this week. Acting as the host team Chelsea will not supported by Didier Drogba due to the red card he received at the match held on 23 October 2011. Chelsea failed to bring 3 point from Queens park ranger's stadium. Not only get 0 point, 2 players Chelsea, Didier Drogba and Jose Bosingwa.

Instead of Didier Drogba, Andrea villas-boas still has Fernando Torres who has returned from the punishment. Victory is become the mission of Chelsea and Arsenal of course. Especially Chelsea which has to lose 2 players in the last match and also lose three points.

The same mission will be brought by Arsene Wenger team. Arsenal has winning 6 from 7 games held. Morality those winning will be asset for the gunner to continue to improve their images in front of premiere league contestant due to the hard start the have passed. More than that winning, the next game, The Gunner will be supported by Thomas Vermaelen in back line.

Last session Chelsea success get three point in Stamford Bridges with two goals. Will The Blues do the same way ??

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