Saturday, October 29, 2011

Everton 0 – Manchester United 1

Finally Manchester United win the game in the advance of Premiere League hold in Goodison Park. The only one goal is created by Hernandes Chicarito. Acting as host team Everton try to build the attack since the early minutes. However Manchester United had better chance to create goal and it was done well by Hernandez Chicarito.

But it was not mean that Everton played without any effort. The free kick done by almost equate the score. Unfortunately the ball was still hit the crossbar. The score was 0-1 until the long whistle was blown by the referee. The number one people in Manchester United, Sir Alex Fergusson seems made different line up on the squad. Anderson and Ashley young were not played on the game.

In the second half of the game, Manchester United seems lost their play rhythm. Inaccurate passing and individual action which easily can be handled by back players of Everton. The different way was done by Everton. It never stop the attack until the end of the game. Unfortunately the victory is still belong to Manchester United.

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