Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Refuse To Play, Tevez Fined 4 Weeks Salary

Big match between Manchester City against Bayern Munchen on September 27, 2011 leaves problem for Manchester City and Carlos Tevez, who played as reserve player. As what has been talked many medias in the world that Tevez refuse to play against Bayern Munchen. Because of what Tevez did , he punished with some punishments. Such as 2 weeks suspended and he also fined 4 seeks salary. Even, Manchester City coach, Roberto Manchini said would not ask Tevez to play anymore at the time.

Meanwhile, related to the problem, the ex. Manchester United's striker claimed that it was miscommunication between he and Roberto Manchini. Tevez said he just refused to do warming up and didn't refused to play meanwhile Manchini said that refuse to do warming up means refuse to play. Lately reported by BBC, Carloz Tevez plans to sue City's coach over charges that Manchini gave to him.

Meanwhile Coling Gibson who is dispute resolution partner at law firm field fisher mentioned that Carloz Tevez will lose if he still bring Allians incident to the court.

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