Monday, October 31, 2011

Champion League, Arsenal VS Marseille

In the advance of matchday 4 Champion League will serve The match between Arsenal VS Marseille at Emirates Stadium, on Tuesday, November 1 at 19:45. Arsene Wenger stated that some player of The gunners are predicted won't be picked into team due to injuries that they got before such as Marouane Chamakh Abou Diaby.

Marouane Chamakh that gave his sign in the end of May 2010 for Arsenal got slight effusion in his knee. Meanwhile Abou Diaby won't be ready until two or three weeks later. The other good news related to player's fitness is Yossi Benayoun has ready to back into the squad. The absence of Chamakh and Diaby predicted won't influence the attack style of Arsenal. Some winning were gotten by The gunners become an important motivation such as when they were beating Chelsea at stamford Bridge.

Meanwhile, Robin Van Persie that was become hero when the gunners beat chelsea, will meet difficult to attack defense area of Olimpique de Marseille. The one of the French candidate will escort Persie strictly. This is as what has been stated by Marseille coach Didier Deschamps, "Maybe marking him is the best thing to do; we need to stop him getting the ball."

What worried by Deschamps is not without any reasion. We should not forget when Van Persie created hat-trick when played against Chelsea sometimes ago, "Arsenal put in a great performance to score five goals against Chelsea. They have a great attacking trio and of course Robin van Persie is in exceptional form.

"He's certainly one of the best players in Europe. What you want from a striker is to score goals, and his return is really impressive.

"But maybe he plays in a team that likes to help him; he has players like Gervinho and [Theo] Walcott who would rather pass to him than shoot.

Both of team are placed in group F where Arsenal as stand on the top of the group with 7 points. Meanwhile Marseille stand in the second place with 6 points. That's the other reason why they will play all out since they will avoid the runner up group and to ensure to hand the ticket to the next round of Champion League.

The other note from the next game is that Arsene wenger always gets difficulty when face French team, although he is French. So the victory will answer whether the note is right or wrong.

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